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Yacht Charters FAQ

How long can I charter the yacht?

A luxury yacht charter can be booked for one or more weeks depending on the availability of different yachts at any given time; however, some offer daily charters which means you could enjoy your trip without having to leave early each day due to check-in times like other travelers might have trouble adjusting their work schedule accordingly (especially if they’re working).

What is the minimum time period I must charter the yacht for?

Charters vary from 4 hours to an entire week. You can choose how long you want your charter!

Can the yacht be chartered on my preferred days of the month and/or week?

Chartering a yacht is an unforgettable experience. You can select the date that works best for you depending on when they are available, so don’t hesitate to book now!

What is included in the charter rate?

Charter rates include the yacht with crew service and all necessary equipment, properly insured for marine risks. Rates do not include VAT, provisioning fuel charges electronic communications canal fees harbor dues local taxes specific marina expenses if embarkation or dismemberment takes place at a different location than where your boat lives in its own home port delivery/return transport will also be charged.

What is the cancelation policy?

Under the contract agreement, if you cancel your charter after submitting a deposit but before final payment is due then they will only get back half of what was paid. If it’s already been fully prepaid though–the whole thing gets refunded because there are no further obligations on their part!

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