LivBlue Charters


We are all adventuring together, and our vision is that we help you make more lasting memories that will impact and change you forever. We provide experiences and services that allow you to connect more with the people in your life to remove the daily stresses, anxiety, and worries of a hectic world.

Liv represents our philosophy regarding living and running our businesses by being knowledgeable, innovative, and professional while inspiring integrity in a people-centered environment focused on selfless service to others.

Blue is most commonly associated with the ocean and represents the fun in our lives and our ability to create a soothing essence of health, healing, tranquility, understanding, and softness to improve the human experience.

LivBLue reflects this vision and symbolizes our commitment to you.

-Bill and Sam

“Our mission is to be the single source provider to the boating and yachting community that removes stresses, gives people more time to connect with others, and make memories that last impact and change them forever.

We strive to give each of our clients the best boating experience possible by offering boat and yacht sales, management, boat and yacht charters, and various boat and yacht services, maintenance, and repairs that focuses on creating solutions rather than managing problems.

From when you want to buy a boat to when you sell and everything in between, we will bring a community of experts to you, making your boating experience seamless and sensational."


Dream Blue, Explore Blue

There are endless ways to explore the blue. All our charters are designed around how you want to experience the blue. Tell us your blue dreams, and let us help make them come true.


The Blue has endless adventures. The blue does have a unique spirit and so do you. Blue, understands you. Seek guidance from the color blue. The insight that awaits you will prove wholly enlightening.


Blue is a tranquil presence and is known to impact the mind positively. Where calmness is present, so too is the color blue. Blue inspires us to live in the present and bid farewell to our stress.


Forging a friendship with the color blue will do you good. You can confide in this all-knowing hue. There’s no question that blue doesn’t hold the answer to. Blue takes nothing, but it gives everything. Its selflessness makes it an excellent adviser. Blue is symbolism for an incredible journey.


Blue is emotional and can provide insight and inspiration. Blue connects the sea and the sky and bridges gaps in our lives and relationships. Blue’s majesty can’t be beaten and connects us to other lands, cultures, people, and traditions. Blue continues to offer perspective and reconnects us to ourselves.

We Are Here For You


Captain Bill Moore, Founder and CEO

Bill is a licensed USCG Master Captain and a Director at the Marine Industry Association of Collier County (MIACC), with over twenty-four years as a professional mariner. Bill is an innovative, people centered champion, willing to take risks to break the paradigm in order to meet a shared mission, vision and goal of serving people to improve the human experience. Bill has been providing a lifetime of selfless service through civilian military career, multiple business endeavors in the Maritime Industry, Digital Media, Construction, and Entertainment.

Samantha McEnhill, Operations Officer

Samantha is a graduate of Murry State University with a bachelor's degree in business administration and is working on her Captain's License. Originally from outside of Detroit Michigan Samantha relocated to Naples during the Pandemic. Samantha's primary role in LivBlue is that of chief problem-solving officer and to help build the organization. To get results Samantha looks at the whole problem; by being people-centered and focusing on the real impact of her decisions and actions. To Samantha, strangers are just friends she hasn't met!


Josh recently graduated from High School in Fort Myers and earned his USCG Captain's License. Josh serves as a Captain operating charters, boat management, cleanings and details. Josh is heading up the development of fishing charters for LivBlue. Josh is a lifetime resident in SWFL.